I’m sorry to disappoint you. I know you were looking forward to an entire year of not hearing from me. As it is, this post is dangerously behind schedule. My reading calendar is August-July. I’m sticking to those dates even though we’re more than two months overdue.

Following the trend of previous years, this list includes some excellent books as well as some serious stinkers. One of my personal challenges involves books that are part of a series. Once I start a series I feel like I have to finish it no matter how bad it is.

This year, I powered through three more books from the Dune series. I have one book left (Chapterhouse: Dune) but have been unable to find a copy. They don’t have it at the library and I refuse to buy this book. If you’re a fan of the original, do yourself a favor and let it stand on its own.

Continuing with my mistake, I thought it would be fun to read the original James Bond books. I was soooo wrong. I enjoyed Casino Royale enough to take me to the next book, but the remaining books have filled me with so much heartache and regret. I’m so close to the end that I can’t stop, but I feel so much shame.

Anyway, enough commentary. Take a look at the list and let me know if there is anything you want to discuss. As always, I would love some recommendations. I’m also happy to make recommendations. You can always see what I’m doing over at Goodreads.com.

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