It’s time to dust off the old blog because it’s that time of the year again! There were several page poor periods during the past year, but a last minute sprint while trying to catch up with my Reading Challenge goal resulted in a generally strong finish.

As always, there were some serious stinkers but also some excellent texts. We won’t review them here except to say this: Don’t bother with James Bond. Read Casino Royale if you must, then move on from James Bond. Of course, I’m simply echoing sentiments from last year.

I’m curious. Do you set reading goals and track what you read? If not, why not? It’s extremely interesting to go back and see what you’ve read over the years, to watch the change in the books you consume. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but I recommend you start. I think I’ll pick up this subject in a separate post…

We all know the real reason you’re here (you accidentally clicked on a link to this page) so let’s get to the main attraction.

This year’s list consists of the following:

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