I never really finished up what I was talking about in a previous post. So, I had finished the physical part of the exam and had to go back two hours later to take the written exam. All would have been well except for one problem. The running portion took place on a road that was a short distance from the gym where the other tests were completed. To get to the road we walked through a field full of brush of the rabbit and/or sage variety. The run was completed and I went on my way to grab some lunch before going back for the written exam.

By the time I showed up for the written exam I was starting to get the sniffles. It didn’t appear to be much of an issue initially, but shortly after starting the test I had a full-on allergy attack. I had my pocket full of paper towels from the bathroom and still had to get up half a dozen times to “clear” and restock. It hit me so hard that I thought I was going to have to excuse myself and take the exam another time. I pushed through and completed the test, but felt horrible. It was certainly one of the longest and most painful drives home ever. I can’t remember when I’ve had any allergy attack that bad. I hit the bed as soon as I got home, but once the Excedrin kicked in I felt a lot better.

I finally got the results just yesterday and I passed handily. I thought for sure that my little outbreak would be my demise.

I donated blood last Thursday. Once again, they wouldn’t let me do a 2RBC donation because they needed whole blood in my blood type. Or so they said. I begrudgingly complied. The guy who stuck the needle in me was quite aggressive and had to back the needle out after it popped through my shoulder. He didn’t really have to back it out, but it did hurt so bad that I was fighting back tears. Not really, but it did hurt a lot. Really. But for all my pain I got a complimentary box of 4 poison-laced compact fluorescent bulbs. Yay! There is still some mystery about how many pints I’ve donated. My theory is that when I go to United Blood Services they tell me how many actual donations I’ve made. When I go to bloodhero.com it shows the number of pints donated. This would make sense since I know I’ve done at least 9 or 10 2RBC donations. If this is true then my May donation was number 40, which is 5 gallons. And I didn’t get a pin. I need to get to the bottom of this. The numbers just don’t…add…up…