So, what do you do for fun on a Saturday in April? Well, if you are me (you are not!) or one of a few other select individuals (you might be!), you might drag a grand piano up some stairs. Not just any stairs, mind you. These stairs would contain some wild twists and turns, sudden drops that fall into some kind of abyss and at least one narrow passage that combines all of the above. Miraculously, the piano survived and so did everyone that helped (last I heard, anyway).

The only real casualty resulting from the move is my haircut. I need one desperately, but I didn’t have time to get one due to the piano move. If my hair gets much longer then I might start looking like an actual hippie. Next thing you know, I’ll be appointed to PBHO’s cabinet. I need a haircut.

Congrats to C. and J. on their sealing. Great experience. Glad Emilie and I could attend.