Soooooo, what is the deal with this place? You’ve no doubt noticed that I haven’t shared any new information about the family, the kids and related stuffins. Don’t worry, I was under no pretense that you were here because you had any interest in me. That’s okay – I can take it.

I made a decision to stop writing about the kids for privacy and safety reasons. They’re at an age where it seems like a good time to get out of the public-display-of their-entire-existence business. Rest assured, the details of their lives are still being recorded for whatever nefarious purposes I might later conceive; however, those details are being recorded in a private journal instead of on the very public internet.

Should you decide to continue visiting this place, you’ll be met with material much like you’re reading now. Uninteresting diatribes about mundane topics. There is a silver lining, though! I am committed to producing more frequent diatribes than any other time during the past year.

If you can be satisfied reading my tripe then luck is on your side. If you truly want to know about the fam without the torture of communicating with me directly, then yours is an unfortunate circumstance. Let me know if this is a big deal and I may consider putting up a password protected area.