So, if this isn’t worth blogging about then what is? Yesterday I busted out the wheat grinder and made bread for the first time in my life. It became quickly apparent that I have mad lack of skillz when it comes to making bread. Nevertheless, it turned out pretty well.  I’m eating some right now. Yum. Wheaty.

In completely unrelated news, I pretty much gave up on reading. After busting out 51 books last year I made a conscious decision to become voluntarily illiterate. Although I enjoy an immense feeling of freedom, I somehow end up reading anyway. Sadly, I started reading a borrowed book, which had to be returned before I finished it. So I’m left hanging. And the library doesn’t seem to have it. I guess I could buy it, but I’m just thinking out loud here. Why am I trying to read again?

In completely unrelated news, I started a different job at the beginning of this year. Same company, different digs. So why do you care? You don’t! But as of the beginning of this month I get to go in at 8a, which is downright glorious. For more than two years I was starting my work day between 5:45a and 6:30a, which meant that once the kids were in bed I usually crashed. Well, now I can sleep in a bit, but more importantly, I can stay up later. And when I stay up later I have time to blog! Especially since I’m not reading! It turns out that all is not so unrelated after all!