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Reading Rainbow: Part VIII

October 25, 2016.Reading

I’m sorry to disappoint you. I know you were looking forward to an entire year of not hearing from me. As it is, this post is dangerously behind schedule. My reading calendar is August-July. I’m sticking to those dates even though we’re more than two months overdue. Following the trend of previous years, this list includes […]

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Reading Rainbow: Part VII

September 1, 2015.Reading.#books

Ha! You thought I forgot! Alas, you are wrong. As has been the tradition for the past several years, this is the list of books I read during the last 12 months. As always, I would love to hear your recommendations for books to read in the coming year. Of course, I may not love […]

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WCSD and the SBAC

March 30, 2015.Everything Else.#common core

So, in a fit of masochism I went to Washoe County School District Board Meeting last week. I went because the agenda included a discussion of the SBAC assessment tests, which the school district has adopted. More specifically, I went because I wanted to understand why parents do not have an option to opt their […]

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Important Announcement – Eyes Only

August 28, 2014.Family

Soooooo, what is the deal with this place? You’ve no doubt noticed that I haven’t shared any new information about the family, the kids and related stuffins. Don’t worry, I was under no pretense that you were here because you had any interest in me. That’s okay – I can take it. I made a decision […]

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Reading Rainbow VI

August 7, 2014.Reading.#books

Well, I did it! I went more than a year without posting anything. The reason for my inexcusable slothfulness can be explored another time. For now, it’s time to post the sixth annual list of books I read during the past year. As usual, I read some very good books and I also read some […]

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Reading Rainbow: Part V

August 2, 2013.Reading.#books

Well, it’s August so that means it’s time to blog again! The reading year has ended so that gives me something to blog about. (It’s a personal year, not an actual calendar year – don’t feel like you missed something in school.) The only real notable achievement is that I finally finished the entire Sherlock Holmes […]

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Why Mormons Should Think Twice Before Pulling the Lever for Obama

September 28, 2012.Family

I normally don’t like to use this blog for political things, but this year is a historical presidential election. It’s not “politics as usual” as many have come to expect. I’ve heard some of my LDS friends say lately that not only did they vote for Obama in 2008, but they also plan to vote […]

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Reading Rainbow: Part IV

August 21, 2012.Reading

It’s that time of the year again, although this year promises to be lacking. After achieving a seismic goal of 51 books last year I decided to abstain from setting any type of goal for this year. If you’re feeling particularly masochistic, you can catch up on previous reads here: Reading Rainbow: Part III Reading […]

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Of Hairs and Stairs

April 21, 2012.Family

So, what do you do for fun on a Saturday in April? Well, if you are me (you are not!) or one of a few other select individuals (you might be!), you might drag a grand piano up some stairs. Not just any stairs, mind you. These stairs would contain some wild twists and turns, […]

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Blogging about Books is Not Gluten-Free

April 16, 2012.Everything Else

So, if this isn’t worth blogging about then what is? Yesterday I busted out the wheat grinder and made bread for the first time in my life. It became quickly apparent that I have mad lack of skillz when it comes to making bread. Nevertheless, it turned out pretty well.  I’m eating some right now. […]

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